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DevOps Certified managers constantly balance the value of change against the risk of change. That means they have to be attuned to the ever-diverse and often subtle nuances of each software "turn." That level of vigilance requires high visibility and a close connection to the team that executes the changes.

Successful DevOps managers will have clear, open and blameless lines of communication, so that exceptions and errors can be reported and remediated quickly. And once issues are resolved, the DevOps managers need analytical skills to get to the root cause of the problem and repair the processes that caused the problems in the first place.

DevOps managers also be sensitive to the time-to-market pressure that is increasingly commonplace these days. Indeed, DevOps Managers have to be proactive and deliver news about delays and concerns. They also must seek out the application owners in the business unit and in IT so that they can be informed about current thinking around application roadmaps and architectures. It is critical that the DevOps infrastructure is always ready for the changes coming, so that those changes can slide through effortlessly and in a repeatable fashion.

You will doing all these work at a high professional level after completing this certification with us. This is one of the most recommended and demanded course in industry.