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This DevOps Training helps you master Configuration Management, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Monitoring using DevOps tools - Git, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible and Nagios to automate multiple steps in SDLC.

This DevOps training is designed to make you a certified practitioner by providing you hands-on training on DevOps tools and sharing DevOps best practices about Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management, including Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment and finally Continuous Monitoring of the software throughout its development life cycle.

With this you will be validates technical expertise in provisioning, operation and managing distributed application system on the AWS platform. Concept you will understand are to implement and manage continuous delivery system and methodologies on AWS. You will have clear idea and understanding to implement and automate security controls, governance processes and compliance validation. You will be able to define and deploy monitoring, metrics and logging systems on AWS and to implement systems that are highly available, scalable and self-healing on the AWS platform.

Candidates having this certification will be able to do provisioning, operating and managing AWS environment, developing code in at least one high-level programming language, automation and testing via scripting/programming, understanding of agile and other development processes and methodologies.